Good luck, bad luck

Wow, a lot has happened! I’m almost tempted to write up two posts! Almost.

Last night, we downed Blood Queen Lana’thel! Yay for us! This means that we’re now officially at 10/12 in ICC 10 normal. We also did a lol attempt at Sindragosa, just to see her and experience the fight for a bit. I was a bit surprised when we got her to phase 2 pretty easily, and we even survived 2 air phases. Of course, as everyone was tired as hell at that point (4 hours in the raid, well after 01:00 AM) we wiped. We didn’t have another go at it, obviously. Our first priority is to get the other bosses on farm first. Not getting down Putricide last night proved that we’re not there yet at all. May I remind you that this is still on normal mode? We’re no Kingslayers yet, mind you!

What pleasantly surprised me too is the fact that we didn’t even wipe on BQL for very long. We did maybe 3 attempts last week and only a few yesterday. All in all, I think we only wiped for less than 10 times in total. Very clean kill šŸ™‚ the hint from a guildie about Tremor Totem also helped a lot! Yes, it works on the mass Fear she casts right before her air phase. Combine that with perfect timing from my wife’s resto shammy and BOOM! Less than a second of being feared resulted in the few seconds we needed to bring her down right before she went up in the air.

Allright, fast forward to today! I’ve swapped out some remaining gems again, the only suboptimal gem remaining is the one in my headpiece, but since I’ll be replacing the whole thing within a short while, I figure one +10 int +5 mp5 gem isn’t too bad. I’m certainly not going to buy an expensive Nightmare’s Tear to put in there before I have my T10 helm! I’m only 27 emblems away from that.

Now, for some raiding goodness. Or failure, really. I was going to do some VoA for the emblems, but when I got a group, we only had 20 minutes until the Wintergrasp battle. That should’ve been plenty of time, if the group I got in wasn’t such a failure. Healing was just fine, heck, I solo healed the tanks without issue (thank God for HL!). The raid healing was fine too, but at some point, we hit a point where damage simply wasn’t healable anymore. Raid healing couldn’t keep up and I even had trouble keeping the tanks up. Then, one tank died during the global cooldown I needed for Divine Plea. I spent a good 4 minutes healing and I just couldn’t keep up anymore. After the inevitable wipe, it was already almost time for Wintergrasp to begin.

I decided to join in for some honor (way to buy gems for free!) and to see if I could get a group directly after the battle. On my realm, Alliance outnumbers Horde by 7:1, so I can be pretty sure that we get Wintergrasp most of the time. Sometimes Horde decides to actually try and when they do, they usually win. Not this time though. Lucky me!

So after the battle, I got into a 25 man group for VoA. Everything went smooth, even did Koralon with 16 people right after. Toravon dropped some nice loot, too! Or, well, at least.. at least it’s healer plate. He dropped the Sanctified Lightsworn Gloves. Granted, it’s better than the normal Lightsworn Gloves I had, so I rolled and got them. Even went through the trouble of getting them properly gemmed and enchanted and I’m now wearing them. But why oh why does Toravon only drop the crappiest tier pieces for holy paladins? I already know I’m going to replace the gloves when I get my tier headpiece, but damnit! Couldn’t it have been the shoulders? Or the headpiece, for that matter.

A bit later on, I got invited into a 25 man ICC group. My wife had been on their run from the start and some people left, so they had a spot for another holy paladin. It was a very strong group, they got as far as Blood Queen Lana’thel with all bosses before that downed! So, my wife’s resto shammy is now at 9/12 in ICC 25, because of one very good PUG. Later, we found out it was actually a guild’s main run with some extras, but that’s fine.

Anyway, I got invited for some attempts on BQL. Fine by me! We didn’t get her down, but I really felt like I was doing my part, carrying my weight as I should. I was tank healing together with the raid leader but I seriously outhealed him during almost all attempts. Again, gotta love Holy Light! I noticed that he’s low on haste though, and has the same tier pieces as me, the legs and hands. Another example of why gearscore doesn’t matter. I won’t share his profile as I don’t want to name and shame, but I’m pretty sure that, even with my crappy gear, I can pretty much outheal him anytime.

The nice thing was that, even though I got myself saved for nothing (yet), they are planning a continued run next week. So if I’m lucky, I can probably attend and we might get Blood Queen down then!

I know healing meters don’t mean anything, except for maybe Dreamwalker, but I was kinda proud when I noticed that I was consistently on the top of the meters, slamming through the roof with 8.7k HPS. Man.. I just know that I never could’ve pulled that off with FoL. I’m really glad I switched!

Also, I got a guildie to pick up the Flask of Distilled Wisdom recipe for me (yes, especially for me) and as soon as I got the ingredients he made a couple for me. Yay for better consumables! I also picked up a full stack of Imperial Manta Steak for 50 silver. Happy me!

I’m thinking up a post about the benefits of gemming intellect and ignoring socket bonuses, with possibly a personal touch on why I’m happy that I switched to intellect gems. Also, I’ll be repeating some advice I have been given about the important stats for a Holy paladin. These are all things that you can find on any Holy paladin blog or forum, but since there are still people out there who are questioning how Holy paladins should gem.


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