There’s this guild thing that’s been bugging me for a while now. Anyone who has been reading this blog already knows this. In my last post, I said I was still waiting for my wife’s resto shammy alt to raid with a certain guild, before making my decision.

Well, it’s D-Day. Last night, my wife went to a continued raid. They had already downed the first 6 bosses and had wiped on Blood Princes the night before. To me, this is already very good news. The raids I got in with my current guild were lucky to even get Festergut and Rotface down, if at all. Hardly better (or as good) as a random PUG. Personal frustration and feelings aside, the matter of fact was that they already did better than what I’ve gotten used to. And to me, that’s very good.

After watching how the raid went, I noticed a couple of things which pleasantly surprised me. The most notable one was that they were actually learning. The raid leader was open to suggestions and tried to figure out what went wrong when they wiped. Instead of mindlessly trying to do the same thing over and over, the whole raid worked together like a team. Sure, there were screw-ups. Of course, people made mistakes and things went wrong. But they learned a little bit from that, they progressed. Which is far more than I can say of my current guild. This guild managed to raid the way it was meant to be. Learning more and more about which tactics to use, how to execute them properly and each time getting a little closer to victory.

What I saw last night was a progressing guild. Not the best guild out there, and still pretty casual, but at least with enough determination to put some effort into trying. I’m talking about people who actually know their class, people who actually try to improve. It’s not a perfect world, but still so much better than what I’m going through currently. On Putricide, I saw them getting closer and closer to getting him down. Even a 1% wipe!  This shows to me that they are capable of using their brains as intended. Not just for facerolling.

By the way, talking about Putricide. Does anyone know why and how he heals himself when somebody dies? I saw it happen but it was completely new to me. I don’t recall reading that in tactic guides anywhere either. Some enlightenment on this would be nice.

So, on topic. It’s D-Day. I’ve seen the guild I had my eye on for a while raid. I’ve seen how they work together as a team. It’s a relief, actually. I was kind of worried that they would fail just as bad as my current guild. But luckily, they didn’t. A guild with brains is what I’m looking for, and I think I’ve found it. When I log in again (sometime soon, hopefully) I’ll have a talk with my current guild leader and tell them they  can.. ehrm.. raid without me from now on. I’ll try to put it as gentle as I can, at least. And then, I will make the switch. I’ve already decided this, there’s nothing my current guild can do to stop me. If anyone from G&T is reading this, this means I’m joining you guys, finally! I’m looking forward to it!

Did I mention they only have one Holy Paladin currently? One with brains, even! This will be a joy to heal with, I can hardly wait! Now, all that’s left is executing the plan.

The Plan: Switching guild and gems!


2 Responses to D-Day

  1. adgamorix says:

    Putricide heals if one of the tanks who has the mark on him die. It’s to prevent the tactic of letting one tank get up in marks, then run off and die – thus keeping raid damage down. You have to do a taunt rotation so that each tank takes 2 marks before switching up.

    Grats on finding a new guild. Now to look at your current gear setup!

    • Kaboomski says:

      You’re one post late I’m afraid 🙂

      I’ve switched guilds by now and most of my gems.

      But thanks a lot for the info, I wasn’t aware of it until a few wipes into phase 3.

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