Up, up and away!

Last night we managed to somehow heal Dreamwalker. Me and my wife’s resto druid healed our asses off and by golly we were good. Just too bad the rest kinda sucked. Our usual raid leader is a Protection paladin. Very nice guy, really. Not too bright, unfortunately. Having to explain what a “boomkin” is multiple times while pugging a few extra people gets on my nerves. The same with explaining that an Elemental Shaman is ranged DPS. Quite frankly, he can’t even play his own offspec right. Gemming full intellect, while only casting FoL really isn’t the smartest thing to do. There was going to be more, but in the middle of typing this, I changed my mind.

I was going to post about my doubts regarding switching to HL spam. The doubt in my mind is gone, I have changed my plans slightly though. I’m not just going to swap my gems and glyphs. I’m going to respec my Retribution offspec to Holy as well and keep a separate FoL gear set handy. My DPS gear sucks anyway. And I love FoL too much to let it go completely. I’ll have to do it in phases, since I’m not exactly the richest person out there and I still want my Epic Flying so I can finally use the drake from OS 25+3.

All the same, I still feel that I have to work too hard to get my job done properly. I know for a fact that it’s not all my fault for having to work hard. To be honest, lots of people I raid with currently could really use a course “How to avoid damage that is totally avoidable if you open your fucking eyes”. Not all of them, but at least half of the different healers I raid with could also use a course on how to play their class. I’m no expert on all healing classes, don’t get me wrong. But I do know when I see people slacking and when they’re actually trying. So no, I’m not talking about the people who are just not geared enough yet. I’m talking about the kind of people who either “overgear” the content (slightly) and slack around as a result of that, or are just slacking around because they expect to be carried through.

I know that other people have gotten pretty far in ICC with a FoL spec. Even though I’m giving up (for now), knowing that other people have succeeded where I have failed feels rather reassuring. I’ll certainly give FoL another try later, but for now, I want to focus on content I haven’t downed yet. And to do that, I need something more than what I have now.

So there, you HL advocates win. In order to somehow keep up with the content I *want* to do while also being able to carry healers if they slack or die (what’s the difference, really?) I finally decided to swap the gems in my main gear set, and collect a separate spellpower set for FoL focus. I’ll be a HL pally for a while and see how that goes. If I really don’t like it, I can always swap back. I just feel that I’m currently not capable of really doing a great job. I’m doing a good job, but still. It’s not enough. I know other people have said before that this would be the case. I’m aware of the fact that I really wanted to prove those people wrong. I’m also aware that I’m still not pulling the full potential from a FoL spec as it could be. But I’m already pretty much convinced I could do a better job focusing on HL and gemming for it properly. And replacing my glyphs, of course. Now I only need to gather enough haste to make it work like a charm.

On a side note, I won’t be switching guilds for now. Partially because I feel it’s a bit too soon, partially because the guild I’m aiming for has yet to prove themselves. They seem good enough for what I want, but so seemed my current guild. My wife’s alt resto shammy is now in that guild and waiting to raid with them for the first time. I’ll make my decision based on how that goes. In the meanwhile, I’m refusing to raid with my current guild. I’d rather PUG, thank you. I don’t really expect to raid with my current guild ever again. I also don’t really expect to stay in this guild much longer anyway. Where I’m going is the big question here. Does anyone know any nice, but good guilds on EU-Eonar? My current progress is 7/12. I’d like something close to that.

I’ve played around a bit with chardev.org and came up with the following gear planning, all very reachable for me within a short period of time: http://chardev.org/?profile=419728

Yes, I’m aware of the fact that I picked a PvP neck. On a point-by-point comparison, it’s slightly better than my current neck though, plus the haste on it puts me over teh soft cap: http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=51333;50211

So, if anybody is actually reading this, what do you think? Am I making the right decision? A sensible one, at least?

4 Responses to Up, up and away!

  1. adgamorix says:

    Couple of questions.

    1) How many bloody Paladins(healers) are you raiding with in a 25m raid?

    2) Do you have specific assignments for your healers/Paladins?

    3) I didn’t see plans for your 2pc T10 – get the helm and the shoulders if nothing else. The 2pc bonus is amazing and will really help offset your DP usage.

  2. boomadin says:

    1) It depends, really. But there are a lot in the guild, so sometimes I raid with 4 clueless holy paladins. I usually run 10 mans though, which means that if I’m lucky I get to raid with something other than another clueless holy paladin healer.

    2) Nope! Just free-for-all! That is, if I’m not meddling in and /p chatting the paladins for some coordination.

    3) I have the T10 legs from VoA. Not the best ones, I know, but they’ll do for the 2pc bonus.

  3. adgamorix says:

    1) Ugh – six healers is plenty for most of the encounters – and two or three paladins are fine. With that many Pallies, you’re really going to hurt for raid healing.

    2) Organize them – even if you have to browbeat every healer in the raid. Assign groups, beacon assignments, everything. Then follow up on Recount/WoL to make sure they’re healing the right targets.

    3) Eh, that’s better than nothing. I use them as well, just because I have 277 mail shoulders.

    • boomadin says:

      1) You’re right on the spot with that one. One of the paladins usually ends up raid healing. Usually, one of the full int gemmed paladins who are at around 300 haste and spam FoL. Like that’ll work. Not that the other healers (usually) have a clue though. Really, most of them fail terribly.

      2) Aye, I’ve worked hard to do just that. Especially beacon and SS assignments (better to spread out SS’s than stack on one target in most situations imho). The raid healers usually are fine with FFA healing, but I don’t really see anything else work when people are already having trouble with Situational Awareness. Telling healers to watch for certain debuffs or whatever really won’t work, they’ll just end up failing. The only situation where that works, is at Saurfang (almost no movement or SA required).

      3) I figured as much. I will be saving for the shoulders on the long term though, unless I get something in the meanwhile that’s just a lot better.

      One last thing – remember I said I usually run 10 mans? When we do run 25 mans, we either pug or run with a friendly guild. The latter means we actually get something done, the first means we really don’t get any further than Saurfang. So sad. I’d want to say it’s because we take too many holy paladins (and I’ve tried to get something else when we could, but usually my RL sticks to holy paladins anyway). But the thing is, it’s not even that. It’s usually really poor SA from nearly everybody, poor tanking *and* poor healing. Yes, myself included, because at times, I do have to pitch in raid healing and then the tank healing suffers. Ugh.

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