Sartharion and me

Since Sartharion is the weekly raid boss for this week, doing Obsidian Sanctum with all drakes up is pretty popular, at least temporarily. I did the 10 man version somewhere earlier this week, which was a first time for me to be honest. Last night me and a couple of guildies decided we wanted the 25 man achievement as well. We only had to PuG a few people.

And we did it! After wiping a few times because of some slacking DPS, we managed to down Sartharion with 3 drakes up! Not a really impressive achievement, as with the amount of overgeared players there are now, it’s not really a challenge anymore and the whole thing is just zerged. I did manage to get almost all achievements for OS 25 though, except Less is More. We have that one planned for next week. Fun times!

Oh! I almost forgot. I got the mount! Read it and weep! I’d make a screenshot, but as I don’t have Epic Flying yet, I can’t use it right now. Too bad, but I’m in the process of getting me enough gold to buy it. I want to use that drake, damnit! The one from Culling of Stratholme is also just sitting there in my bank.

I feel like such a dweeb sometimes 🙂


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