Plague wing progress and other news

Last night we started raiding early. The usual raid leader for the secondary ICC runs was getting fed up with the fact that, usually due to time, we don’t get much further than Saurfang, the one emblem boss and a few fails on one of the other bosses.

This time however, we started at 19:00 (instead of the usual 20:30) and we managed to pull through the first four bosses in a reasonable time. After that, finally, we managed to down Festergut and Rotface! There you have it, I finally got to see those ugly bastards die! You won’t believe how relieved I was that we actually managed to one-shot them. Admittedly, we only just pulled through at the end in the Rotface fight. I was the only healer left alive, one tank and 3 dps managed to down him. Interesting.

We even got a try on Dreamwalker, which was really, really annoying. We went with three healers, my wife’s resto druid on the raid (she’s great, she absolutely is and I’m not just saying that because she’s my wife). Me and another resto druid (who I healed the rest of the encounters with, my wife tanked before this evening) on Dreamwalker. I simply must be honest here. I have no words for those attempts. None at all, except maybe something along the lines of.. What. The. Fuck. We wiped on ~2 million HP left. Twice.

As you probably already know, healing Dreamwalker is all about the healing meters. My wife was healing the raid, so I don’t really have a good grasp on how well she did, but I do trust her and as far as I can tell, she did fine. Maybe she did screw up something (as the raid did wipe) but there’s no way for me to know as there are no logs. What I do know, is that the resto druid only got to about 7.5k HPS after three portal phases. I was on 10k more than that. Allright, so I’m a holy pally. I went all out, as I should. But my wife got to 6.8k without any portals at all. How is this even possible?!

So I took a look at Recount. Maybe not the most accurate way of analyzing something like this, but it’s the only thing I’ve got for now. The resto druid seemed to be using the right spells. I also know that he went through the portal each time as I saw him there, getting his stacks up. He should’ve been on par with me as far as buffs are concerned. What happened? He spammed Nourish like crazy and kept all his HoT’s up as he should’ve done. Yet his performance was awful. The raid leader knew this, but this was the exact reason he wasn’t put on healing the raid. We would’ve wiped even sooner.

I’m fairly certain that my wife would’ve done far better. yet I can’t really put my finger on it. Does anyone know how Dreamwalker should be healed, from a resto druid perspective? Can anyone take a guess on why this particular resto druid’s performance was so bad?


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