Failing, failing and failing some more

So, after quite some time of AFK, I’m back to do a post. Not much interesting, but still. I really wanted to share some things with… well, whoever reads this. Meh, I just wanted to get some things of my chest I guess.

I’ve switched guilds. Mainly because my old guild was getting too darn quiet (most of the time, there would only be one or two people online, myself included). But also because I was sick and tired of failing PuGs and really wanted to raid more. My wife’s resto druid had switched guilds a few days earlier because of the same reasons and I had a really nice chat with one of their officers. So I decided to just go for it.

Not a really bad decision at first. Lots of nice people, nice atmosphere. And raids! People actually went raiding! And they had enough people! This was a completely new experience to me. Especially when our old guild leader also switched guilds with his priest alt, it became clear that they would have just enough people to have two separate raiding groups (10 man each). I was really excited!

The first few runs were really nice. This guild has lots of Holy paladins, so I was eager to learn from them. And lucky me, most of them already had nice ICC gear, so I got upgrades like crazy. A nice touch, there is no DKP in this guild. It’s basically just /roll for MS, then OS. Unlimited rolls. Which means, free loot!

A few runs later, I’m starting to doubt things. I’ve had some good email conversations with Kurn, a well-known holy paladin blogger, and I feel that I may be gimping myself by staying with my current guild. This seems kind of harsh, but once you figure out that none of the other holy paladins in the entire guild have any clue about their class, and almost none of the people in the guild are in any way serious about raiding.. it’s just all so empty. I mean, they have their raid rules and stuff. They’re not entirely slacking when raiding. They did get 9/12 somehow. But to me, it just seems like a shitload of luck. Half the healers have no clue. Tanks who think their DPS matters. DPS who think they can pull off enough without using any part of their brain, at all. Raid leaders who don’t know shit about other classes/specs than their own. It’s all too much.

Sure, I’m not there yet myself. I can’t exactly say that I’m elite enough to just do whatever. I can’t exactly say I have 6/12 experience even! I haven’t downed Rotface even once! But damn it, I sure as hell know what I’m doing! I know my gear isn’t optimal, I know I’ve made (huge) mistakes in the past regarding gear decisions. I’ve been clueless. But at least I know I’m on my way of doing things like they should. So now, in light of recent events, I’m considering to switch guilds once again. This time, I’m considering a guild I’ve been in before, which consists of good people. Friendly, but knowledgeable about their class and spec. They’re not that far into ICC either (last time checked, it was 8/12) but they’re really short on Holy paladins (they have exactly one in the entire guild). They take raiding seriously enough to actually read up on tactics and try to figure out what when wrong after a wipe. Mind you, this is something my current guild does not do. Even though they claim to do “progression” runs, they don’t actually try to learn anything from past mistakes. At all. Nobody keeps logs, nobody keeps track of what caused a wipe, and the list goes on and on. The raid leader just doesn’t take his job seriously. And yes, it is a job. It is when you claim to want to progress. If you keep wiping on the same thing every damn time and *not* at least put some effort into improving, you fail as a raid leader. If you don’t care about progression, don’t claim you do, it’s not fair towards other players who might have other expectations. Both me and my wife are utterly disappointed because of this.

The last thing I’d like to say about this before I really stop putting more effort into the subject, is about the first “progression” run my wife did with these guys. Some background information: she plays a resto druid, with feral as her offspec. She has gear for both feral dps and feral tanking, but she definitely prefers healing. So much that she hasn’t played her feral spec in months. She joined our current guild because they said they were short on resto druids. Not a problem, you’d think. Then she gets asked to join for a progression run to do some attempts on Sindragosa.. as feral dps. Of course, bummed out, my wife kindly lets the raid leader know that she can’t perform nearly as well doing dps as opposed to healing. It’s not even about gear (well, partially, but her gear is at least good enough for Festergut/Rotface) but about the fact that she hasn’t played as dps in such a long time. Nevertheless, she gets put in the position to dps. Of course, really wanting to progress, she agrees to at least give it a try. After a night full of wiping, all of the confidence my wife had during raiding was shattered to pieces. She’s very sensitive about these things, which is okay, she can handle herself when healing. She can handle criticism when healing just fine. But this was just torture for her. Almost anyone would’ve been better suited to fill her role, but no, she had to do it, because.. well, just because! She hasn’t had the chance to prove herself again, so the reason why she joined the guild just starts to fade away. She doesn’t get a chance to heal any new encounters, as the secondary groups don’t really get any further than Saurfang, or maybe Festergut with a lot of luck. She feels that she’s boosting alts on the secondary runs, and since she’s not getting another shot at progression.. she’s basically screwed.

As am I. One of the rules for progression runs is that you have to have at least some experience on 6/12. Which is fine, since the secondary runs are supposed to be meant to gear up and make sure people get experience on those encounters. But the secondary runs fail even worse than fail PuGs I’ve seen and this is just getting nowhere at all. As I mentioned before, they don’t get to 6/12 so how the hell am I supposed to gain that experience for progression runs? Right, back to PuGs! So, why am I in this guild again? Oh, yes, the people. They seem very nice, of course, but as you get to know them, it gets really frustrating to see how ignorant and utterly uninterested people are when it comes to playing their class. One example: the class leader for holy paladins was severely under haste cap, gemmed full intellect and had the 264 libram. He spammed Flash of Light like crazy, and only sporadically used Holy Light. He really didn’t have any knowledge at all about holy paladins. Nothing. He just knew that stacking intellect was good. That’s it. Well, that and that a higher item level is really all that matters. Because, of course, GearScore is sacred. The guild leader later informed me casually that appointing class leaders really had no basis at all. They just picked random people who were willing to help. /facepalm

Allright! Enough ranting for now! Some last happy thoughts and I’ll finally be done with this wall of text.

I started some alts on a different server recently because some colleagues wanted to play together. So, I took the effort of leveling a DK to the point where he could solo some old-world dungeons for quick gold and started a guild with the company name. Boss happy, colleagues happy. And I’m happy too! I found that I don’t actually dislike playing a DK as I thought I would. I tried a Unholy DK one time, but I didn’t like it. Now, my own DK is Blood, tank specced and I love it! I haven’t really tanked before besides on my still lowbie druid, but I really like the way my Blood DK works. And I started a Rogue. A class I haven’t really played, ever, beyond level 8-ish or so. I decided to go with Subtlety for now, as it’s a rarely used spec nowadays and it really appeals to me. Not that I’m into PvP much, but hell, who cares! For the heck of it! And I started a mage. A frost mage. Can you see a pattern here? The thing is, I like those specs. Not because they’re rare, or because of any other single reason. Just because I like them, really. The spec appeals to me for some reason or the other, that’s why I want to play it. I don’t feel the need to raid on every toon I have, and I don’t intend to. I don’t really need to have highest DPS everywhere, I just want to have fun. That’s why I play!

And now, I kinda ran out of words. My sincere apologies for the wall of text. Maybe I should’ve put a warning at the top, but I figure if you’re halfway through and tired of reading, you either stop or read on anyway. Again, sorry for the long wait. I am by no means gone from the blogging community (for as far as I’m actually a part of it) but I tend to have so much on my mind at once that I find it hard to make time to blog. I really should do this more often, that would result in more posts but more readable walls of text. I think.


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