The Healing Game continues

Yet another post and I still have no idea how to write something useful. At this point, I can still only write about the things that excite me in WoW and about my pally, or rant about something. I’ll try to keep this constructive, but I assure you that I am going to rant a little.

This week I haven’t even played alot, but I did manage to miss the weekly (not a chance of getting a group for ToTC anymore) yet I did get the Noble Gardener achievement. Where did I go wrong? Well, something called real life came up. Then the event started. Then I realised I really wanted a new title. So there it is. Kaboomski the Noble is now a fact. Uh-oh, gave away my character name 😉 please don’t bitch too hard about my crappy gear, pretty please?

Anyway, I did manage to get me a new cloak, even though it’s still kinda crappy. And I got into an ICC reputation run. I’m almost friendly with Ashen Verdict now, only need one more run. Why I’m not doing that instead of blogging? Well, real life came up again and now I’m not allowed to play until I finish some crap. And I really don’t feel like doing it. I know my WoW life depends on it (drama overkill here) but I’m just too tired of the project I’m working on that I can’t put myself into it anymore. I’ll finish it before Wednesday though, I really don’t want to miss out on next week’s raids too.

I would blog more and say more sensible things, but I’m really just not there yet. As with ICC, I’m just not quite ready yet. I don’t have enough raid experience with my pally to give good advice or anything. Or I’m just not self-confident enough.
Well, okay, I’ll try giving some advice. It’s not something that hasn’t been said before, but I’ll give an example of how things went on my last ICC run. This post is going to be longer than I expected it would be. Please don’t blame me, I’m just the author. Oh, right. Sorry 🙂

Me, my guild leader and a few others people went for a nice ICC run. The tank said he could only stay for one run, so we just went with it and did the best we could. Everything was fine and well, the healing was a bit on the low side, but that was to be expected, since I’m not geared for ICC quite yet, and my guild leader barely makes the minimum. We did pull through, so I’m happy with the end result. The next run went a little different though. The whole group fell apart after the tank left, so we had to find new people for a new group. After some trouble finding people (on Monday, what would you expect?) we did manage to get another group.

Next run, my guild leader switched to dps because there was another healer. No big deal, a druid with slightly better gear than me. Should be fine for a rep run. We went in and everything looked just peachy. Until I noticed that I was firing a heal at everyone when they got damage. I got the creepy feeling of being the only healer, so I decided to check the healing meters. I use Recount for that by the way. The druid’s HPS score was only slightly lower than mine (by 200 points maybe) but still I kept having to heal every single raid member taking damage. I kept the tanks up just fine, so it wasn’t a problem, but I was still worried that something was wrong.
So during a quiet moment, I decided to check what healing spells the druid used most. And there you have it, the druid was only using HoT’s to keep people up. He did heal the entire raid though, including tanks, so there was a HoT up on everyone at all times. Which is good, of course. And also one of the reasons the tanks were easy to keep up. Gotta love Beacon, right?
The problem was, the druid wasn’t healing damage spikes, ever. I already knew this particular druid had never done ICC before, but using only HoT’s and ignoring damage spikes is kind of dangerous in raids, especially ICC. One genius remark by my guild leader when he was healing a previous run: “They do hit kinda hard, don’t they?”. Well, yes, that’s why it’s an end game raid. That’s the whole point. You don’t go in there unprepared. You just don’t. I seriously doubt the raid experience that druid has, or at least as a healer. Which put me in the position to actually learn something. Use the appropriate healing spells! Learn what you have in your healing arsenal and use it wisely! Learning to heal in heroics is a good start, but don’t get lazy, learn what to do in more dire situations. One thing to mention is that I managed to adapt my healing style to the situation, I mostly used Flash of Light and Holy Shock (I love my 264 libram!) and kept Beacon up on the main tank. That did the trick 🙂

Allright, that was lesson number one. I even have a second! Read on…

During the last ICC run we did, some nice cloth shoulders dropped off some trash. They were, in my opinion, healing shoulders, but they were ofcourse fine for any cloth wearing class. The loot options were set to Need before Greed. Ouch! So, nearly everyone “needed” it. And who got it? Of course, the only one not actually needing it: the druid. On this particular run, the healer had left prematurely (awesome, downing the last trash mobs with me as the only healer). So the guild leader quickly switched to offhealing (in dps spec though). In my opinion, the only person really needing the cloth was my guild leader, because he was healing and I’m no clothy. A balance druid got it though and quickly left the raid. After that the group fell apart, so we were left with a repair bill and nothing to show for it.

So, the lessons learned:

  • Use HoT’s or direct healing spells where appropriate
  • During raiding, set loot options to Loot master

That concludes my way too long blog post for now. I’ll be back with more insane advice when I realise I’ve learned another lesson. Or when I feel like it, really.


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