Blaming the healers

Lately I’ve been playing with my wife and our guild leader in random dungeons and sometimes raids, but even if I’m not amongst the healers myself, I always choose their side when the need arises. Luckily, most PUGs have the common sense not to blame the healer unless it’s really just the healer’s fault. If they don’t, the healer leaves and the group either falls apart or waits for a long time to get a new healer.

Now, I’m not saying that the healers are never to blame when things go wrong. On the contrary, failing healers are something I’ve seen a lot, myself included, and in those cases the healers can and may absolutely be slapped around gently to make sure they’re paying attention. I’ve even caught myself falling asleep during a boss fight at one time, luckily it was only for a second or two and nothing went wrong. But that’s another story.

Usually, there’s no problem with the healers. Everybody understands their role and follows tactics. Everybody tries their hardest to kill that boss or whatever. But sometimes it happens that somebody makes a mistake and there’s a wipe. Nothing serious, nothing to get all worked up for, it just happens sometimes. But sometimes, it’s a really stupid mistake or lack of listening to the raid leader. And in that case, that person should absolutely take the blame for a potential wipe. But sometimes, that’s not what happens.
Sometimes, the healers get blamed. They get blamed because somebody didn’t do their job right. And for all I’ve seen, 9 of out 10 times shit happens, it’s not the healers’ fault. And even if it is the healer’ fault, yelling at people really won’t help solve anything. The best thing you can do is to get back up and try again.

On other news, yesterday evening I got into an ICC 25 group with far too low gear, so I was really happy to be accepted in the group. I know tactics and they needed a pally healer for the tanks, so I gotl lucky. Okay, it helped that my wife was already in that group and recommended me. But still!
I got extra lucky, some trash dropped the Belt of the Lonely Noble, so I got a major gear upgrade. Even without gems and enchants, it’s better than what I had. I got some time to gem it right before starting the Marrowgar fight though, so at least my gear was decent.
Basically, I healed my ass off and at the end of the second wipe at Marrowgar I was on top of the healing meters. I know they don’t say how good a healer you are, but it does prevent bitching about me being a healer with a lower gearscore than others. The funny thing is, I managed to keep me and my assigned tank alive until the very last second. I don’t think anyone could’ve said anything bad about my healing, even if I wasn’t on my best that evening. Too bad the group fell apart, but the raid leader did whisper me and wanted me back for another run sometime soon. So, yay for me! Maybe someday I’ll have to rename this blog because I won’t be a failadin anymore 😉


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