ToTC 25, Ony 10 and more

It’s been a hell of a week! I’ve been kept busy writing up a report that had to be done while ago, but that hasn’t kept me from some late night failing with my failadin.

Late Friday night (more like early Saterday morning) I managed to get into a group for ToTC 25 man. With my current gear, that’s pretty insane. I don’t have the achievement, so I was really happy to have been accepted when I told the raid leader I didn’t have the achievement, but I do know the tactics.

A little background information here: I’ve been looking up and explaining tactics for my guildies whenever they would raid. Mostly just by being logged in, whispering them what to do on which fight. Reading up and watching the fights as they go on (I could easily watch over my wife’s shoulder as she raided) really helped in creating an understanding of the fight mechanics. Besides Ulduar, there aren’t a lot of fights I don’t know the tactics for.

So, back to the ToTC raid. I got into the group as a healer, so I was pretty excited. My wife joined on as a healer too, so we got on ventrilo. The raid got full pretty quick, so after summoning a bunch of people we got inside and prepared for the first fight. Which, of course, are actually three fights. The whole thing went by pretty fast, I only died at the end, on a charge from Icehowl no less. First big fat fail of the evening, and counting.

Despite my death, the fight went smooth. Gee, what a surprise. For the healing meter addicts among us, I only managed to push about 2.1k HPS at that point, so I’d been pretty much useless compared to the other healers. Of course, I know that the healing meters don’t say it all, but still.On to the next fight. Lord Jaraxxus went down pretty fast, and as I had healing tunnel vision, I’m not even sure what was going on. I know I died right at the end though, again. Big fat fail #2.

The next fight, Faction Champions. Complete and utter chaos. There seemed to be some form of coordination prior to the fight, but once it started, everything was chaos. I personally believe nobody really knew what went wrong as we wiped, as everyone was blaming someone else. Luckily the healers didn’t get the blame though. I did manage to be the last man standing, twice. We wiped at least 5 times before the raid disbanded. No interesting loot, but that’s okay. High repair bill, but it was worth it.

On to the next raid of this week. Last night a few guildies and me set up a group for Onyxia 10 man. We agreed that I wouldn’t heal, but my wife and our guild leader’s alt would heal. So, a druid and a priest. I would try to be useful in my Retribution spec. Not that I really like Retribution, but it got me through the last 10 levels questing and I managed to get some gear from drops in heroics. We pulled through pretty easily, despite a wipe on the first trash due to not everyone being ready and overpulling by accident at the same time. Unfortunate, but nobody really seemed to mind. We also wiped on the first Onyxia try, but again, nobody really cared. It was the offtank’s fault, he admitted it before anyone was pointing fingers. Pretty relaxed group, even though I say so myself. After that, everything went as it was supposed to. No speed kill achievement, but that’s okay. We managed, I got the achievement for Onyxia 10 man and we went to bed after one last heroic dungeon run. Failure count: only 2!


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