My first steps into 80

So I posted a little late. By now my pally is 80 and has begun his first steps into heroics and even raids.

It’s Sunday evening as I finally break 80 and I immediately get a gift from the guild leader, the TitanSteel Guardian. I have some more level 80 gear in my bank, so my starting gear is at least acceptable. My wife, the guild leader (who is a very good friend of both of us) and me start doing some heroics. Achievements keep on popping up and I’m the happiest little (I am a dwarf, after all) paladin Azeroth has ever seen. After a little while, the guild leader goes offline and my wife pushes me to get me into a raid. The weekly raid is Patchwerk and since it isn’t exactly the hardest raid boss to kill, I get in. As a healer no less. Imagine my surprise as I ended up single-handedly healing through Patchwerk in a 10 man raid for the weekly. Not only did I have to do it, I did it! With relative ease, even. My confidence boosted, I went to buy my first piece of T9 gear, the gloves. They made the biggest difference, stat wise.

As my gear score went up, my wife convinces me to join in Wintergrasp. After getting the Within Our Grasp achievement, both Dalaran and Wintergrasp are swarming with people looking for a group for Vault of Archavon. I get into one, even with my low gear score and no achievements to show. Too bad they didn’t let me heal, but it was probably for the best, even though my dps sucks. No, really. I just got a new weapon and didn’t have my weapon skill up to par. So I ended up doing weapon skill training in VoA. Nobody cared for my low dps though, so now I have 3/4 VoA bosses down in 10 man mode.

Last heroic dungeon of the day, Forge of Souls. It’s getting late but that’s no real excuse, since I’m still quite awake. Of course, after doing all those new things for my fresh 80 pally tends to get the adrenaline pumping. And now, Forge of Souls heroic? Not really sure if I could do it, I managed to let a few people die, lots of times. The spike damage seemed just brutal. I couldn’t keep up at all. Luckily, I did quite good considering my relative low gear for that particular dungeon so I didn’t get too much bitching about my healing. We managed to get to the last boss without any people leaving, so I am kind of proud of that. On the final boss however, we wiped, twice. I just couldn’t keep up, again. At all. Not even close. Lucky for me, the tank was a pally too and he seemed impressed by my healing, even though I couldn’t quite cut it. All of our dps’ers left the group after the second wipe, so we decided to let me switch to dps and find new people. We didn’t have to wait long, and we did finish the dungeon. I even got a new piece of gear from it, though I forgot what it was. The tank and I ended up need rolling on it, but I won 😛 better luck next time, mate. But, I did manage to fail properly as a failadin should. My day was done.

The next day, I manage to get into a VoA group again, this time for 25 man. And this time, I get to heal. Loving every second of it, we boost through VoA like it’s nothing and my healing really didn’t suck that bad. I’m not a big fan of the all-saying healing meters (can you smell the sarcasm?) but I did manage to push myself to a neat 3.1k hps. I did feel kind of proud I wasn’t absolutely useless, even though my gear suggests otherwise. Gawd do I hate the GearScore addon. It’s nice and al, but people tend to hang on to those numbers far more than they should. Skill is worth something too, and I think I’ve proven that.

Now, I’m only 3 days into level 80 and I have the speedkill achievement for Patchwerk, 3/4 VoA 10man boss kills, 2/4 VoA 25man boss kills and a load of heroic dungeon achievements. I even managed to get into a group for the new weekly raid, as a healer. So add a few achievements for Ulduar to that list. I already have 2 pieces of T9 gear and more sweetness coming up (another gift from my wife and guild leader).  Man, I feel like I’m the luckiest pally ever.

I may be a failadin, but I managed to do something right for once.


2 Responses to My first steps into 80

  1. Andie says:

    You do love to waffle on about your paladin dont you 😛
    Your paladin in like your baby from what you tell me 😛

  2. shodaran says:

    Nice story and grats on 80, I will be checking in from time to time to read, I just started my blog as well. Stop by if you’re so inclined, keep writing.

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