Playing the Failadin

Welcome to my first blog post, ever. I have absolutely no idea if this is going to work out or not, but stick around and we’ll see.

Allright, here goes…

I’ve decided to start blogging a bit about my thoughts on Holy Paladins and WoW in general. Mainly because I’ve been reading about different approaches to Holy Paladins and felt a need to express my own feelings towards them. Partially because I just love playing my Holy Pally and want to share my thoughts on different aspects of playing, or playing with, a healadin.

I’m about to hit 80 as I write this (my wife is so kind as to finish up a few quests for me) and I wanted to share my thoughts on leveling as a healadin. First, some history on my character, Kaboomski. I’ll post an armory link somewhere later on.

I started out when my wife was already playing for a few months. Shortly after she hit 80 and things were still looking fun, she decided to get me a trial account. Partially for the mount, but mainly because she knew I love playing WoW. Both of us had been playing before, on her account. She started a few years back, pre-TBC, as a NightElf Druid. We’ve both played that toon for a while, but when a friend of us started a private server, we went to play on that. We didn’t play much at first and we thought it would be a waste of money, which we didn’t have much of anyway. After a two year period of playing on a private server, we got fed up with the numerous annoying and sometimes gameplay ruining bugs. Raiding or battlegrounds were just not an option on the server we played on. Even though we didn’t even miss it at first, after a while we just stopped playing.

Then, when WotLK came out, the urge to play came back. We purchased both TBC and WotLK and my wife started playing her druid again. This time, she decided to stick to the game and push through. After a while, she got into a very nice guild and things were looking up.

Back to where I got my trial account. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to play. I knew I wanted to play Alliance because I wanted to play together with my wife and her toon is a Night Elf. I knew I loved the flexibility that druids have, but I didn’t want to play a druid because I felt I would be imitating her. Besides, it’s always more fun to play different classes together. So, I got to thinking and decided that I would try a paladin.

My wife created an alt, a human warlock, and we started playing. The beginning is still the beginning, but after only a few levels, I knew I made the right choice. My story about me leveling really isn’t all that interesting, as it involved lots of boosts by guildies and the like. The only interesting part about it, was that I could easily pretend to be useful, by doing the one thing I really wanted to do: heal like crazy. Of course, healing an 80 when you’re only about 40 isn’t all that spectacular. But hey, it made me feel useful. Imagine how I felt when I got to use BoK! No penalty for being a lowbie, that buff never changes. I loved every cast of it.

Fast forward to now. I’m about to hit 80, with the help of my wife’s druid. We’re going to finish up some quests in Icecrown and that should get me there. I’ll keep blogging about my experiences as a, probably often failing, paladin. Until then, remember to have fun! It is a game, after all 😉


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